Green coffee The unique combination of a powerful antioxidant chlorogenic acid and low doses of caffeine has a fat burning effect, reduces appetite and cholesterol levels in the blood, removes toxins and excess fluid
blocks the
of fat
Garcinia extract Hydroxycitric acid extract blocks the conversion of excess carbohydrates into fat, accelerates the decomposition of fat deposits suppresses sugar cravings
slows down
the aging
Goji berries Contains a rich collection of active components (polysaccharides, phytosterols, vitamins and minerals), which accelerate the conversion of fat into energy and decrease the appetite, protect the heart and blood vessels, improve the immune system
the immune system
Mango and Acai extract Glycosides, flavonoids, mango and acai berries block excess fat deposits, protect cell membranes and strengthen the immune system
Gets rid
of toxins
Lemon acid Activates metabolism, improves digestion and speeds up the detox process
Menthol and mint Menthol and terpenoid mint refresh the breath, improve the outflow of bile, accelerate the breakdown of fats
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slimming effect
This product has been certified in EU.
Freshen the breath
and lose weight in an instant!
-5 kg
in 5 days
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Results after using the weight loss spray for 1 month Our products is used by more then 1 million women across CIS countries.
Meet those who lost weight with Fito Spray
21 kg
Peggy, 23 years old
A great way to lose weight without heavy workouts. My results- 21 kg lost in 1 month. I'm happy and I recommend it to anyone who wants to regain their figure quickly and easily.
19 kg
Diane, 30 years old
I lost 5 kg in one week and then I lost another 14 kg in 3 weeks. Now I'm in great shape. It was easy and quick. I recommend it to everyone!
12 kg
Beverly, 52 years old
I have been using the spray for two months. I lost 2 sizes with ease. I feel great. A fresh breath and tone are now always with me!
Try it yourself Fighting excess weight has become really easy! Slimming Fito Spray has already
been tried and recommended by many women. Results won't leave you waiting for long!
Slimming spray Fito Spray gives quick results and a great experience! Fine taste and fresh aroma are from natural ingredients, which relieve the feeling of hunger and help reduce excess weight without much effort. L-carnitine burns fat even while you sit in your office or at the car wheel. Just one spray after food and excess weight will leave you! The product is certified and complies with all international standards. It's effectiveness is proven by clinical studies and testimonials from those who have already achieved the desired results with the oral freshener Fito Spray.
Beware of fakes Buy only certified Fito Spray products. Each unique package
of the slimming spray
Fito Spray has a unique code.
Nutritionists recommend The struggle against excess weight in a fast pace of urgent daily matters and the "prison" of a sit down lifestyle is more relevant now than ever. Regular overeating, abuse of high-calorie and unhealthy foods are some of the main obstacles in the fight for health and figure.
Taming appetite and losing weight are not easy tasks for those who live in the modern world. Therefore, scientists have created a unique way to deliver weight loss substances to the body. Dietary oral spray fits two key requirements- ease of use and rapid penetration of active substances into the body.
The mucous membrane of the mouth is rich in surface blood vessels. Therefore, the spray's active components get sucked into the blood immediately after it's application. They begin to work from that point: distributed via the blood flow through the body, they reach the liver and fat deposits and connect to receptors on the cell membranes. As a result, every dose of the stray affects the entire body. This spray is convenient and effective to use.
Doctor of Medical Science Research, Institute of Nutrition,
Bryan A. Richie
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Peggy Adams
23 years old
Is it harmful? Slimming spray Fito Spray contains only natural ingredients. It contains no dyes, synthetic fragrances or GMO products. The product has passed certification and has no contraindications.
Application method Spray into the mouth by pressing the dispenser 1-2 times. Use as needed. Precipitation may occur. This does not affect the quality of the product.
How to distinguish a fake product? There is only one official supplier of Fito Stray in the territory of the country. That is our company. Orders can be placed online
How long does it take for the product to be delivered? 4-7 days after ordering
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